JoAnn Portalupi and Ralph Fletcher
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    Writer's Notebook

    Teacher's Guide
    This 104-page Teacher’s Guide introduces the four qualities of writing and describes the role of voice in effective writing; offers strategies for choosing lessons based on genre cycles or on student and teacher needs and interests; and provides a broad array of assessment and record-keeping forms.

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      1. Understanding the Qualities of Writing
        Underlying Core Beliefs
        A Word About How Students Internalize the Qualities of Writing
        The Qualities Up Close and Personal
      2. How to Use TQW
        What’s Inside TQW
        Looking-at-Student-Writing CD-ROM
        Getting to Know the Lessons
        Getting Started: The Launch Cycle
        Plan Your Way Through TQW
        Option 1: Choose Lessons by Cycle
        Option 2: Choose Lessons by Teacher’s and Students’ Needs and Interests
        The Instructional Challenge Chart
      3. The Continuous Assessment – Teaching Loop
        Tools That Link Assessment to Instruction
        Tools That Track Instruction
        Student Forms That Accompany Lessons
      4. In Your Classroom: The Resources You Need
        Access to Books: Developing Your Classroom Library
        Teacher Tools
        The Writer’s Lifeblood
        English Language Learner Guidelines
        A Word About Schedules
        Appendix A: The Writer’s Lifeblood
        Appendix B: Publishing Possibilities
        Appendix C: Children’s Literature Bibliography
        Appendix D: Additional Roadmaps for Instruction
        Appendix E: Assessment and Record-keeping Forms
        Appendix F: Lesson List Arranged by Quality
        Appendix G: Lesson List Arranged by Cycle
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